Corresponding color palettes for each Station in this series sequentially link the paintings to the photographic tableaus. The dominant color for each photographic Station is repeated in the horizontal strip in the corresponding painting. The color of the intersecting vertical strip in the painting is derived from the color used on the floor of the subsequent photographic tableau. The same holds true with each painting until the final painting in which the last vertical color is the same found on the floor of the first; the full circle of his experience is thus represented, returning back to where he began.  It is the tension of two colors that generates a dialectical process and ultimately leads to an emotional synthesis.

The expression of space and time in this series is defined through the use of color within the metaphorical crossroads. Through shape and color in their simplest forms we induce a true reductionist state. The effect of pure color evokes an obligatory emotional response that goes to the core of our being within the context of space and time. Put differently, through color and shapes we develop a collective language and through that language we can better understand the character of an individual. 

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