On the 25th anniversary of democracy in Bulgaria, Dailey embarked on a photographic journey of the country, capturing its political electorate in all its complexity. Building on a similar series he conducted in the United States from 2010 to 2012 – America in Color – he set out to portray the character of the Bulgaria voter as it completed its latest national election in the fall of 2014. The project took him and his team across Bulgaria from its mountains and plains to its shores, resulting in a series of more than 450 portraits encapsulating the breadth and depth of a culture whose origins dates back to 5000 BC.  From the Bulgar to the Turk to the Roma and beyond, he captured the ethnic character of the nation and its political diversity, with more than 25 parties competed in the October 2014 election.

A diverse selection of 128 portraits from the series was displayed in solo exhibitions in 2015 in Bulgaria at the City Art Gallery in Plovdiv and at the National Assembly in Sophia. As Bulgaria celebrated its 25th anniversary of the individual right to vote and looked to its future, Dailey’s Bulgaria in Democracy series presented a compelling look at a country at a crossroads in determining a future that will be decided through the ballot box and the individual right to vote. As one Bulgarian proverb so aptly and succinctly states: Drop by drop - a lake becomes whole.

The following images are a selection from this larger series.