In the specter of otherworldly and fantastical imagery in Brian Dailey’s Impressions of Africa Redux (2014), visions of flora, fauna, and celestial phantasm draw the viewer into a mesmerizing universe. The enigmatic wild creatures enveloped by these intricate scenes are animated by their elaborate environments, swirling cosmological forms, and the intensity of the lighting effects. Mounted on Plexiglass and dramatically backlit, the five-foot tall composite images have a surreal cinematic and three-dimensional quality.

Working in Paris in 1976, Dailey assisted his friend and fellow artist Guy de Cointet with his performance piece Impressions of Africa, a pastiche of the eccentric French writer Raymond Roussel’s 1910 fanciful travelogue of the same name. Nearly forty years after de Cointet’s performances captivated Paris audiences, Dailey’s Impressions of Africa Redux series pays tribute to his friend and the sources of inspiration they shared. At the same time, Dailey shifts the lens from the earlier colonial and post-colonial frameworks reflected in Roussel’s and de Cointet’s works, bringing a contemporary global perspective honed by the artist’s foray into hybrid creative practices and experiences at the White House National Space Council in our post, post-colonial era.

All prints available in two formats:

32.25 x 17.25 inches (82 x 44 cm

60 x 30 inches (152 x 76 cm)